The Ole ‘Present-Participle Animal’ It Is: A Notice to Publicans on Politicised Nomenclature

IMPORTANT TO PUBLICANS AND SINNERS!—We understand, that, in the plentiude of their indignation at the “base, tyrannical, and unconstitutional” policy of the Whig Cabinet towards Ireland the patriotic and enlightened leaders of the various Political Unions throughout the country are about to issue edicts commanding the immediate destruction of all sign boards bearing the effigy of any member of the present “detestable Whig Administration”—whether it be that of Earl Grey, Lord Brougham, Lord Althorp, or Lord John Russell, which, a few short months ago, were so exultingly hoisted on high to the exclusion even of Majesty itself. The penalty attached to non-compliance with the famous edict in question is understood to be an immediate withdrawal of custom from the offending publicans; and as the most influential of the Unionists are known to be most effective swillers both of cheap whisky and sour beer, there can be little doubt that the command will be most religiously complied with. Alas! for the ill-starred Whigs, when they are thus treated by their late slavish worshippers. The next order to be issued will, we understand, consign to the flames all the transparencies and flags which contain portraitures of the ugly phizogs of these “treacherous and tyrannical Whigs.”

Glasgow Courier, March 1833

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