Curriculum Vitae

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2005-2009, University of Glasgow, PhD, History

2004-2005, Clark University, MA, History

2000-2004, Clark University, BA, History and Theatre Arts


Additional Training

2012, University of Warwick, Postgraduate Certificate in Academic and Professional Practice


Employment History

2012-Present, Sheffield Hallam University, Senior Lecturer

2011-2012, University of Warwick, Teaching Fellow

2009-2011, University of Warwick, Part-time Teacher

2009-2011, History Subject Centre, Higher Education Academy, Academic Coordinator

2006-2008, University of Glasgow, Graduate Teaching Assistant

2004-2005, American Antiquarian Society, Catalogue Intern




Coin, Kirk, Class & Kin: Emigration, Social Change and Identity in Southern Scotland (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2011)


Journal Articles

Rapunzel and the Ivory Tower: How Open Access Will Save the Humanities (from Themselves) Journal of Victorian Culture 18:4 (December 2013), pp. 543-550

The Sojourning Settler: Transatlantic Networks and Identities in the British-American Tobacco Trade, 1740-1841′ Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies 3:1 (August 2009), pp. 157-173

‘”Passengers Wishing to Embrace This Commodious Conveyance, Will Apply Immediately”: The Rise in Emigrant Passage Advertising in the Scottish Borders, 1800-1830′ International Journal of Regional and Local Studies 4:1 (Spring 2008), pp. 21-46. [Open Access Post Print Available]

Caledonian Canaan: Scottish Cultural Identity in Colonial New England as Demonstrated by the Scotch-American Company of Farmers’ International Review of Scottish Studies 30 (September 2005), pp. 42-85.


Essays in Edited Collections

‘The Role of the Sydney Gazette in the Creation of Australia in the Scottish Public Sphere” in John Hinks and Catherine Feeley (eds) Networks in the Book Trade (forthcoming, 2014)


Pedagogic Research

Historical Insights: Focus on Research – Newspapers with Lisa Lavender (Coventry: History Subject Center, 2011)

International Students in History: A Comparative Study of First Year Transition (Coventry: History Subject Center, 2010)


Book Reviews

‘Jennifer Clark, The American Idea of England, 1776–1840.’ Journal of Historical Geography (Forthcoming 2014)

‘Uriel Heyd, Reading Newspapers: Press and Public in Eighteenth-century Britain and America’ Cultural & Social History (Forthcoming 2014)

‘Mark Towsey, Reading the Scottish Enlightenment: Books and their Readers in Provincial Scotland, 1750-1820′ Journal for Eighteenth Century Studies 37:1 (2014)

‘The Shaping of Scottish Identities: Family, Nation, and the Worlds Beyond edited by Jodi A. Campbell, Elizabeth Ewen and Heather Parker’ Journal for Eighteenth Century Studies36:3 (September 2013)

‘Scottishness and Irishness in New Zealand since 1840 by Angela McCarthy’ Scottish Historical Review 91 (October 2012)

‘Harriet Martineau, Victorian Imperialism, and the Civilizing Mission by Deborah A. Logan’ Britain and the World 5:1 (Spring 2012)

‘Industrial Enlightenment: Science, Technology and Culture in Birmingham and the West Midlands, 1760-1820 by Peter M. Jones’ Kelvingrove Review (2009)


Guest Blogs and other Online Contributions

2013, ‘Keeping the Faith: Researching as a Part-time Teacher or Teaching Fellow, History Lab Plus blog, Institute of Historical Research.

2013, ‘Record How You Search, Not Just What You Find’, Guest Blog, Impact of Social Science blog, London School of Economics.

2013, ‘Catch and Release: My Secret Adventure into the World of GLAM-WIKI’, Guest Blog, Wikimedia UK Blog

2010, ‘Dumfries Weekly Journal’, Dictionary of Nineteenth Century Journalism (Proquest)


Speaking Engagements

Invited Talks (Research)

“Virgin, Number, Whore: Satire and the Surplus Women Problem, 1790-1840″ at the Institute of Historical Research’s Women’s History Seminar, 2014.

“Network News: Emigration Advice in the Glasgow Advertiser” at the University of Northampton Department of History Seminar Series (2011)

“The Commercialisation of the Scottish, Georgian Press” at the Periodical Press and Scottish Culture, 1700-1900 Seminar Series(2009)

“The Reaction and Response to Emigration in the Scottish Borders, 1770-1830” at the Scotland and the World Seminar Series(2008)


Invited Talks (Pedagogy and Research Development)

“Teaching and Learning” at HEA New To Teaching Workshop (2014)

“Social Media and Teaching” at Social Networking for Historians (2014)

“Screen to Page: Making the Most of the Web for Your Research” at the Oxford Brookes University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Student Conference (2013)

“Exemplar(y) History: Academic writing in first-year history modules” at What Do History Students Want (2011)


Conference Papers (Research)

“‘Every Jack May Have His Jill’: Satire and Female Emigration before 1840″ at the 38th Annual Social History Society Conference(2013)

“Cargoes of Women: Gendered Discourses in the Representation of Emigration in late-Georgian Scotland” at the Migration History Workshop (2013)

“Frenemies: British Emigration, US Expansion and the War of 1812″ at the 2nd Warwick-Boston Conference on the Atlantic World (2012)

“The Business of Migration: Selling Emigration to Scottish Labourers, 1800-1850″ at Regional Development in Industrialising Britain, c.1670-1860 (2012)

“‘We Feel Highly Flattered in Perceiving that Articles are Occasionally Copied’: Public Conversations of Immigration and Settlement in New South Wales, 1803-1842″ at the 9th European Social Science History Conference Glasgow (2012)

“Plagiarising Presses: Georgian Information Networks in Scotland’s Imperial News” at Numbers are your Friends: Network Science in Historical Research (2011)

“Affable Failures: Alexander MacAulay, Kin-networks and the Eighteenth Century Market Bubble” at Imperial Relations: Families in the British Empire (2011)

“The Role of Correspondence Networks in Scottish Colonial News” at Before Blackwood’s: Scottish Journalism in the Age of Enlightenment (2010)

“Scottish Emigration and the Scottish Provincial Press, 1770-1850” at the 8th European Social Science History Conference (2010)

“The Creation and Destruction of the Scots-Virginian Transatlantic Identity” at the Irish and Scottish Migration and Settlement Symposium: Political Frontiers (2008)

“Jerdone & Co.: Transnationalism in the Age of Revolution” at the Crosscurrents Post-Graduate Conference (2008)

“Quoteable History: The Use of Emotive Language in the Presentation of Late 18th and Early 19th Century Emigration from Scotland” at the Historical Perspectives Post-Graduate Conference (2007)


Conference Papers (Pedagogy)

“Historiography Blogging: Re-integrating Unassessed Work into the Student Experience” at the The Higher Education Academy’s 15th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference for Historians, 2013 (2013)

“Home and Away: Internationalisation and First Year Transition in HE History” at the 13th Annual Teaching and Learning in History Conference (2011)

“Conditions for Internationalisation” at the 11th Annual Teaching and Learning in History Conference (2009)


Teaching Experience

Specialist Modules

2013-Present, The Press and American Society, 1836-1922, Individually taught, Sheffield Hallam University
A third-year digital history module that develops students’ understanding of American journalism and social history, using the Chronicling America database

2011-2012, The Atlantic World, 1492-1815, Individually taught, University of Warwick
An undergraduate option examining the comparative history of the Atlantic World, including Europe, Africa and the Americas.


Survey Modules

2012-Present, American Crises: From the Revolution to the 1960s, Individually taught, Sheffield Hallam University
A second-year survey that introduces students to topics in United States history

2012-Present, Historian and Research, Team taught, Sheffield Hallam University
A second-year workshop that prepares students for undertaking the significant primary research required for completion of their final=year dissertation

2012-Present, Class, Gender and Nation, Britain 1780-1914, Team taught, Sheffield Hallam University
A first-year survey that introduces students to the social history of Britain in the long 19th century.

2012-Present, Making History, Team taught, Sheffield Hallam University
A first-year skills-based module that introduce students to historical research in higher education.

2009-2012, North American Themes and Problems, Course convener, University of Warwick
A first-year survey that introduces students to topics in North American history, from the first European settlements to the 1990s.

2011-2012, Comparative Histories and Literatures of the Americas, Team taught, University of Warwick
A first year module exploring similarities and differences in the history and cultures of North and Latin America.

2010-2012, Reform, Revolt and Reaction in the US, Team taught, University of Warwick
A second-year option examining the turbulent history of the United States from the New Deal through to Watergate.

2006-2008, Making of Europe: Nation, Community and Conflict Europe 1500-2000, Team taught, University of Glasgow
A first-year survey focusing on the shaping of politics, society and culture in Europe.

2006-2008, Society, Culture & Politics in North America: First Contact to the Present, Team taught, University of Glasgow
A second-year option concentrating on significant eras and themes in the history the United States, covering the period from first contact between Native Americans and Europeans in 1492 to the present.

2006-2008, Government, Culture and Society in Europe 1550-1715, Team taught, University of Glasgow
A second-year option focusing on significant themes of the history of Europe in the ‘early modern’ period from c.1550 to c.1715.


Academic Service

Award Bodies

2013-2014, Gale Dissertation Research Fellowship (Research Society for Victorian Periodicals), Selection Committee


Editorial Positions

2013-Present, Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, History Reviews Editor

2009-2011, Historical Insights, Editor


Scholarly Societies

2013-Present, History SoTL, Regional Committee, UK and Ireland, Member

2011-Present, Royal Historical Society, Fellow

2011-Present, History Lab Plus, Communications Officer

2010-2011, History Lab Plus, Advisory Board Member

2009-2011, Public History Committee of the Historical Association, Committee Member

2007-2008, Historical Perspectives, Publications Officer


Departmental Service

2013-Present, History Subject Group (Sheffield Hallam University), Admissions Tutor

2013-Present, History Subject Group (Sheffield Hallam University), Research Seminar Series Convener

2011-2012, School of Comparative American Studies (University of Warwick), Study Abroad Liaison and Student Adviser (University of California)