The Ole ‘Present-Participle Animal’ It Is: A Notice to Publicans on Politicised Nomenclature

IMPORTANT TO PUBLICANS AND SINNERS!—We understand, that, in the plentiude of their indignation at the “base, tyrannical, and unconstitutional” policy of the Whig Cabinet towards Ireland the patriotic and enlightened leaders of the various Political Unions throughout the country are about to issue edicts commanding the immediate destruction of all sign boards bearing the effigy […]

Further Musings on a Multimodal Analysis of Scissors-and-Paste Journalism (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a 4-part series. The full series can be seen here. Uncovering how pre-telegraphic newspapers obtained and distributed news must be a collaborative effort. However diligent they may be, and from whatever backgrounds they may hail, individual researchers suffer from the same restraints that have plagued the acquisition of human knowledge for […]

Who Caused the America Revolution? A 1789 Appraisal

The following analysis of the causes of the American, and indeed French, Revolution, appeared in the Glasgow Advertiser in November 1789. It is surprisingly similar to how the revolution was taught by my own secondary school history teacher. “What mighty contests rise from trivial things;”That the present Revolution in France is a consequence of the Revolution in […]

Clumsy in their Shape, Awkward in their Carriage

CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. The following account of the inhabitants of this settlement is given by a late traveller. The education of youth has hitherto been very much neglected: the government never hit upon any successful plan for the establishment of public schools; and the individual had no other ambition but that of qualifying his […]