Clumsy in their Shape, Awkward in their Carriage

CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. The following account of the inhabitants of this settlement is given by a late traveller. The education of youth has hitherto been very much neglected: the government never hit upon any successful plan for the establishment of public schools; and the individual had no other ambition but that of qualifying his […]

Confessions of a Tablet Addict; or, Why I Am Returning to Pen and Paper (Mostly)

When I purchased my tablet computer last year, I knew that it would change the way I worked. I expected that having immediate, portable access to Evernote, SpiderOak, Zotero and iAnnotate would make me a more efficient researcher and lecturer. No longer would my right shoulder ache from lugging my laptop computer around; my tablet and Bluetooth keyboard fit easily and […]

Bills of Exchange; or, A Bride Worth Paying for

A humorous Adventure of a Marriage negotiated by a Bill of Exchange, in one of the English West India Islands. A Merchant, originally from London, having acquired a great fortune in this island, concluded with himself he could not be happy in the enjoyment of it, unless he shared it with a woman of merit ; and knowing […]