A Curious Way to Start a War or Bring Down a Government

ADVERTISEMENTS. WANTED-A good clever argument to prove the approach for a WAR between this country and another.–Whoever inclines to undertake the job will receive a Spanish fleet of four ships to begin with. N. B. No objection to a war with any country. Apply at the Stock Exchange between ten and two. WANTED–A division in the Cabinet for some cause or other. No objection […]

Cargoes of Women: Ill-Repute

This is part four of ‘Cargoes of Women’. For part one, please click here. For part two, please click here. For part three, please click here. Georgian Britain suffered from a surplus women problem. With each passing census, its inhabitants grew increasingly concerned about the poor distribution of the fairer sex within their empire and proposed a number […]

Wasson’s ‘The Whigs and the Press, 1800–50′

Review This article provides a strong counter argument to the general perception that Whig politicians failed to properly control or even utilise the rising power of British press in the first half of the nineteenth century. The article is separated into five substantive parts, each of which provide an encapsulated and well evidenced argument regarding […]

Cargoes of Women: A Numbers Game

This is part three of ‘Cargoes of Women’. For part one, please click here. For part two, please click here. At the heart of the Victorian surplus-women-problem debate was the 1851 British census. In this mighty document lay the seemingly irrefutable proof that Britain was plagued with an over-abundance of women. The reason for this sudden realisation, […]

Electronic Annotation of Student Essays (without Grademark)

Last year, I wrote about electronic marking with Grademark. The system had many advantages, including full integration with TurnItIn’s Originality Check software package. Students submitted their work online and it was stored in an online repository that I could access anywhere with an internet connection. I could create custom rubrics and pre-programmed annotations, such as ‘citation needed’ or ‘run-on sentence’, […]