Jackson’s ‘Women in 19th Century Irish Emigration’

Abstract Nineteenth century Ireland falls neatly into two distinct periods: the period preceding and the period following the great famine of 1845-1849. The emigration of women during and after the famine is examined in this article. Changes in marriage and the spread of dowries is analyzed to distinguish between the roles of married and unmarried […]

Cargoes of Women: The Maids

This is part two of ‘Cargoes of Women’. For part one, please click here. Scottish editors were a cheeky lot. Although I do my best, I cannot possibly begin to share the dozens of sweet, saucy and utterly bizarre notices they placed in their papers. Although most topics were considered fair game, the comedic tragedy of marriage […]

A Very Un-Gentlemanly Advertisement

The following appeared in the Glasgow Advertiser in March 1814. Its veracity has not, I’m afraid, been verified. INFAMOUS ADVERTISEMENT. (From the Examiner of February 20.) A Lady, with a zeal for decorum be coming her sex and country, has sent us the following extract from a Daily Paper. It requires no comment; and its publication, we […]